Rhythm of Wholeness

“Wholeness is the ultimate idea we can have of the meaning of being. To be is to be a whole unfolding its inherent potentialities through cycles of changes (time) and in a state of unceasing relatedness to other wholes (space). Wholeness is the being-ness of all wholes. Nothing more can be said of it, except that it is and that it is all-inclusive.

The rhythm of dynamic Wholeness always deals with “being”; it dismisses as irrelevant the concept of “non-being.” Such a concept has meaning only if the term being is thought to apply solely to the objective universe. What follows the dissolution of this predominantly objective state of being is a predominantly subjective type of consciousness and activity. However, our existence in the universe is not exclusively objective, nor is what follows our death or that of the cosmos exclusively subjective. Reality, as presented in this book, is the unceasing, dynamic interplay of subjectivity and objectivity, of a principle of Unity and a principle of Multiplicity. It is neither Unity nor Multiplicity, neither spirit nor matter — separately.”

– Dane Rudhyar, Rhythm of Wholeness

see http://www.khaldea.com/rudhyar/ for further reading on Rudhyar´s timeless wisdom