2017 : Transits & Aspects

Darkstar Astrology has a great overview of the Major Transits and Aspects of 2017:

Here follows links to all the most important cosmic connections of the year:


Jan 19 Mars square Saturn at 23º Sagittarius/Pisces
Jan 28 Mars into Aries until March 10


Feb 6 Jupiter station retrograde on Spica. 24º Libra
Feb 11 Lunar Eclipse at 22º Leo on Putin’s MC/Pluto
Feb 26 Solar Eclipse at 8º Pisces
Feb 27 Mars conjunct Uranus/Eris at 22º Aries/Libra
Feb 27 Mars opposite Jupiter at 22º Aries/Libra


Mar 2 Jupiter opposite Uranus 22º Libra/Aries
Jupiter opposite the pedophilia/Persephone stellium
Mar 3 to Apr 15 Venus Retrograde at 13º Aries to 26º Pisces


May 11 Mars square Neptune 13º Gemini/Pisces (learning triangle to Jupiter.)
May 19 Saturn trine Uranus 26º Sagittarius/Aries
May 29 Kite Grand trine in Fire (25º/27º)
May 29 Mars opposite Saturn at 25º Gemini/Sagittarius
June 25 Mars Square Jupiter at 13º Cancer/Libra


Jul 13 Yod to Neptune/Moon at 14º Pisces (Achernar)
Aug 4 Jupiter square Pluto at 17º Libra/Capricorn
Aug 7 Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aquarius
Aug 21 Solar Eclipse on 28º Leo ~ Regulus On Trump’s AC/Mars
Aug 27 Jupiter sextile Saturn at 21º Libra/Sagittarius


Sep 24 Mars opposite Neptune 12º Virgo/Pisces
Sep 28 Jupiter opposite Uranus 27º Libra/Aries
Oct 4 Mars conjunct Venus at 18º Virgo (trine Pluto.)
Oct 11 Mars square Saturn at 23º Virgo/Sagittarius


Nov 11 Saturn trine Uranus 25º Sagittarius/Aries
Dec 2 Jupiter trine Neptune 11º Scorpio/Pisces

Please visit her website for additional information, articles and further insights: http://darkstarastrology.com/2017-astrology-aspects/


Jamie at Pandoras Astrology has written a superb article on the aspects and transits of 2017:

The Play’s The Thing

One great way to understand astrology is by seeing it as the drama of life, being acted on a stage.  The planets of our solar system are characters in the play.  These characters are universal archetypes, of the sort you have seen a million times in stories for adults and children (The Lover, The Hero, The Innocent, Death, The Magician, The King, Mother Nature, The Healer, The Trickster and so on).

Have you ever been in love and felt like your passion touched the universal?  Have you ever won a battle, felt like a hero and known that your battle was won for all humanity?  Have you ever been wounded, cut to the quick, and known, for an instant, the suffering of all beings everywhere?  This is archetypal experience.

Like every human being, you contain all these universal archetypes.  Sometimes they are active and other times they wait in the wings for their moment.  The characters are eager to be experienced by human beings.  Each one has something it is trying to say, teach or accomplish, using your human experience to do it.

The year of 2017 has an interesting set of dramas in it.  Now imagine yourself in a grand theater.  The lights are dimming.  There is a spotlight on center stage. You are about to meet the characters.

The Characters

Meet Pluto.  Pluto-type characters might be:  Death, Dracula, The Magician or Sorcerer.
Pluto says:  “I’m the agent of transformation.  Whatever I touch dies and is reborn.  Most people find this to be an uncomfortable, even painful process, because they don’t like death.  But the butterfly doesn’t care that it once was a caterpillar, does it?”

Here’s Neptune.  Think of Neptune as the Fairy Godmother, the Dreamer or the Visionary.  Sometimes Neptune appears as a ghost from beyond the grave or the spirit of an ancestor.  Neptune says:  “I represent the worlds of spirit and the unseen.  Things in my realm cannot be measured, yet when people have an experience of me, they know it, even though it cannot be proven.  When the spirit leaves the body, everyone agrees the body is dead, but no one can say what has gone.”

Up pops Uranus.  Uranus tends to appear as a force for change and progress.  He’s the Experimenter, the Revolutionary, the Voice of the People.  Uranus says:  “I’m the rule-breaker, the radical.  I bring revolution and sudden insight.  I descend upon you with the Eureka!-Aha!-lightbulb-going-off-over-the-head experience.  I alter your perspective so radically that you can no longer see things the old way and you have to change.”

Now Chiron steps forward.  He’s limping, because he’s a reminder that everyone has a broken place inside, and that as human beings, we are an uneasy union of the animal and the divine.  Chiron is The Broken One, The Walking Wounded, the Healer and every character who has ever touched greatness through suffering.  Chiron says:  “I’m the wounded healer.  I remind you of old, stuck pain from the past.  This may sound painful, but it’s actually an opportunity for healing deep, ancient wounds and recovering your human birthright.  My gift is accelerated evolution.”

Now it’s Saturn’s turn.  Saturn is the Elder, Judge, the Police, the Old Guard, the Traditionalist.  In more modern terms, he’s the CEO, the Corporate Executive.  His life is lived in bottom lines.  Saturn says:  “I’m the heavy.  I remind you of all the things you should have done and been.  I make you feel guilty, but behind that is a powerful drive to succeed and accomplish great things.  I won’t be satisfied until you are the best you can be.  Think of me as your own personal drill sergeant.”

And finally, Jupiter takes the spotlight.  Jupiter is the Sage, the Storyteller, the Explorer and Adventurer.  He’s also the Perennial Student and the Seeker, always on a quest.  Jupiter says:  “I’m all about growth and expansion.  I know what greatness you’re capable of and I fill you with the hope and confidence to begin it.  I’m the one who encourages you to make the promises Saturn forces you to keep.  I play good cop to his bad cop.”


………… please click Jamie´s full article to gain information on the costumes they wear as well as for the scripts they play out. It´s worth it!