Releasing fear based attachments & old cellular memories before anchoring into our new permanent timeline

From Vera Ingeborg, The Wake Up Experience:

“We knew it would get intense, now that we have reached the gateway towards the permanent timeline split ending on August 25 [when Saturn stations direct in Sagittarius] shortly after the eclipse. And in order to fully anchor into the higher frequency 5D timeline, our physical body needs to be ready, too. And that means: Out with anything that is still stored in the cellular memory in form of old fear patterns. Cellular release goes deep. Very deep. And can be absolutely frustrating and painful. It has not been that intense since last year September, when we entered the era of these fiery energies.

Cellular memory Releases

Back then, our emotional body went into the period of its final cleansing. Explosive it was. Bursts of anger and sadness. The cellular physical release feels different. That one is the last step to completely detach from the collective fear energies and to completely anchor in the new timeline to build a new collective reality. Based on love, compassion, joy, oneness, abundance.

These cellular releases take a lot more time to build up, and often we feel that we cannot really reach the pain to cry or scream. This can be very uncomfortable … You really need to carve them out of the cellular system, and step by step this energy, which was compressed, needs time to unwrap to be then transported out of your system through the emotional body, resulting in much more subtle and soft emotional releases. They come in waves.

These energies, stored in your cells, need really big triggers in the beginning so you can start the release process. This might result in people that are very dear to you, are all of a sudden acting like total strangers, to cause you to feel disappointed, hurt and abandoned. Or you bring yourself into a situation that is absolutely untypical for yourself and you cannot understand why you behaved that way, leaving yourself deeply embarrassed or ashamed. In combination with the current astrological setup and the intensity of retrograde season, the building up to the full moon of destruction, this can feel quite hellish and like a permanent heart burn. A lot of people ask themselves: “Am I back at Square One?” Of course, we are not, and we are now walking through that cleansing fire of rebirth, burning off the last layers and shedding our last remainders of 3D skin. These old energies are manifesting as a current reality, but it is our choice, whether we want to keep this illusion up as our experience, or choose to redirect our energy to a different reality, re-connecting with our truth and desires through our heart center. Coming back into balance within.

Old low Frequency Timelines dropping away now

The old 3D reality is more and more falling apart. This results in chaos and confusion and an intensified experience of duality. That can be a quite devastating experience for those souls that are newly awakening. It is hard to keep up with what is going on and to deal with the heart opening and bombardment of energies.


Embrace and Allow

Embracing and allowing everything to happen without identifying with the sensations is absolutely important. Embrace and allow without any interpretations or judgment. It is just very old energy leaving. We are burning away the last bits. Never forget: This too shall pass. We are at the brink of a whole new era. We ARE ascending and are showing the way for many others to follow. Thank you all for keeping the faith and for walking together side by side. I love you.

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Saturn in Sagittarius conjuncts the Galactic Center three times in 2017 (first in late February, second in April (Rx) and his third and last conjunct is in November/December, before he enters Capricorn just 2 days before the Winter Solstice) so we are indeed getting an opportunity for creating our new reality this year – if we choose to!  Here is an excerpt from Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, The Sky Priestess on Saturn retrograde conjunct GC:


Between now till late August, you´re going to be reviewing the decisions, directions, understandings and principles you have been learning and exploring between Jan 1 – April 6, 2017.

You may come to new decisions with old information, learning how to address them in a new way – or to realize that you were on the track you wanted to be all along.For an aligned being, this is an opportunity for consolidation and growth at the inner level. The structures you engage with in the outer world express their energies, challenges and signatures within.

For a not-so-aligned being, the next five months are going to cause havoc with your internal state. The approach you take the world around you must match the way you address the world within – and vice versa. Reckonings will arrive if the two are out of balance, and not aligned with the rest of Creation.

I suspect we´ll be seeing a lot of ego-games being played out in academia, politics, or institutions which create and claim their knowledge to be legitimate (which in itself, is power – especially if you can make others compliant with your claims, even if against their will). Policies will be promulgated, and often not with the populace´s best interest in mind […] The work you do within is important unless you´re doing it to please the ego. Give it a purpose, or let your Spirit align with one through the Heart – and watch what happens.


Long story short, we´re going to see our relationships within and without bear the brunt of much of the transformations we undergo till late August. April will be a particularly heavy month as the North and South Node are preparing to leave Virgo and Pisces in any case.

As I´ve mentioned before, it is really time to cut and gently release our attachments to people, things and aspects of self that no longer resonate. The trick is to do it in a way that is grounded, embodied – and that comes from a place of great, deep, compassion. It´s an experience that words do not quite do justice for.


Keep the long-term goal in mind as you do whatever it is that you are called to do. What is your purpose? What is your worth? And how will you manifest it into being? … Rather than pushing and forcing the external, align with the internal and respond when appropriate. The rest tends to take care of itself.

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The transition of Saturn from Sagittarius into Capricorn will be felt energetically.

December 19th, 2017 : Saturn enters Capricorn

March 21st, 2020: Saturn enters Aquarius briefly but retrogrades back into Capricorn on July 1st, 2020 and finally enters Aquarius on December 16th, 2020 to stay for approx. 2-2,5 years.

Here are some key words for Sagittarius and here are key words for Capricorn. Feel free to assemble your own list of key words for Saturn´s transit through Capricorn. A little heads up though: Saturn´s transits in Capricorn have a history of being linked to financial recessions and crises so if our main goals are rooted in vulnerable areas of the economy we might want to align them more with the “inner” values of Capricorn.